Yes, I know, recruitment costs are a grudge purchase and why on earth should you even consider paying a recruiter to do something you can do all on your own. Yes, you are correct but maybe there are a few things you haven’t considered that would actually benefit your company.

Here are a few benefits that a recruitment agency can contribute to your business:

  1. Free marketing for your company. If you weren’t known before, you are now! As a agency we take pride in our clients and their business (if we didn’t, we wouldn’t selling your business to potential clients).
  2. Cost effective. No placement, no fee! Instead of paying an in-house recruitment team every month even when you do not have any positions that need to be filled, just outsource your recruitment needs and pay when a placement is made. Easy-peezy!
  3. No liability for the first 3-months. We’ll take that! This is the “get-to-know-you” stage of employment and it can be tricky but if you have made the right choice in your candidate selection process, this won’t be a biggy.
  4. A large database of already screened, interviewed and referenced candidates. What more could you want? Oh yes, as recruiters we create our very own talent pool so when a potential client comes knocking, we are ready! How convenient?
  5. Easier access to candidates. Head hunting made easy! Due to recruiters having an array of portals and platforms to work with, it makes accessing candidates a lot easier. Also, we can have that conversation with a candidate to make them WANT TO GO FOR AN INTERVIEW!
  6. Frustration absorber. We’ll streamline the experience for you and the candidate! Yes, we know how frustrating it can get, but we’ve been in the game long enough to understand the red flags and alarm bells, so why not let us streamline this experience for you. Easy, hey?

These are just a few benefits that we can offer you. Partnering with you and being an extension of your business is a whole new conversation we can have.

Until the next blog…. 🙂

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