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As the year draws to a close with only a 3 weeks left of 2019, we stop to reflect on the year. The lessons we learnt, the adventures we ventured, the opportunities we missed and the opportunities we gained, the people we met and the famous quotes we so faithfully followed.

But yet, we look back and realized, we’ve probably done more than we thought, we experienced more truer feelings and we ended up far further than we anticipated. So, this is where our Top 10 Tips come in.

Never Give Up (Persevere)

No matter how hard it gets, or how low you go, always get up and try again. Because, if you don’t try, how will you know? Sometimes, it’s easier to call it quits than to keep going (many entrepreneurs have felt this way, but did that stop them?)

Stay Humble and Be Kind

The smallest acts of kindness can reap far greater rewards. Smile at someone random, help a lady cross the road, say “hello” to a colleague at work whom you’ve never formally met, try something outside your comfort zone and be kind.

Focus on Achieving Your Own Goals

In life, their is business goals and personal goals. Do not forget about your personal goals, those goals have an impact on other goals and without self-realization, you will not understand your worth. When someone says “Take me time”, take it!

Hard Work + Talent = Success

There is a truth in hard work and talent equals success and most people don’t understand that. Some people genuinely have to work hard to get somewhere and others are talented, however combine the two and you find yourself in a situation where the sky is the limit and no one can take that from you.

The Youth Can Make A Difference

Like so many young entrepreneurs, they have believed in a concept and made it work. Many took matters into their own hands and created initiatives far greater than those who have lived to their 60’s. The youth can make a difference, the youth can be the change the world needs to have and the youth are the future.

Don’t Let Anyone Tell You, You Can’t!

People who can’t, will tell you, you can’t. People who wish they could, will tell you, you can’t. People who are jealous, will tell you, you can’t. Ignore them, because they can’t. But you can!

Looking Back Can Show You How Far You’ve Come

After years of preparation, after months of getting a company off the ground, after many disappointing, unsuccessful moments… Look back. You weren’t here before and look how far you’ve come.

Assist Your Community

When you can, help out in your community. Network with those who are consistently in the same area as you. Help enhance the lives of those who could potentially be part of yours in the long run.

Be Different

In our current world, be different because being the same is just not doing anyone any good. We think the same, we act the same, we follow the same trends. Break away from the norm, be different, be unique and offer all of your skills and talents. Someone will notice and that someone will want you to be part of their growth.

Upset The System

Have you ever thought of something that you truly believed would work but because it’s not the “usual” way of doing things, you decided to leave it? Well, don’t! Upset the system, change is good! Upset the system and follow through because if it works, you’ll be glad you tried!

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