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Whether you are a large corporate or a small business owner, your focus on recruiting top talent should form part of your priority list. Your business is made up of the human element and as a CEO or Owner, you want the best employees doing their best work in your company.

It’s been an on-going trend that recruitment takes a back seat over November and December but this is the best time to keep those vacancies hot! Why? Job seekers are readily available for interviews, they are more relaxed and stress free. It is also possible that you might get the best out of your interview.

Here are a few extra reasons why you should never stop recruiting:

  1. You might miss out on quality talent. Closing application dates and “taking a break from recruitment” is not an option in our ever-evolving economy. Talented candidates might be looking for opportunities when you’ve decided to close the door.
  2. You can never fully prepare for a resignation. Even if you have a stable workforce, you can never really prepare yourself for resignations. Everyone thinks and reacts very differently to the way you might think they do. By continuous recruitment, you can have a potential candidate at the ready, always.
  3. You can shorten your recruitment process. Once you have a talent pool, you won’t need to start your process over again. You have a ready interviewed pool of talent candidates that you can tap into at any time, when needed.
  4. You can build a network of talented candidates. By allowing talented candidates to apply for positions, not only to build a database but you build a strong network. Nowadays, quality candidates are more interested in the type of company and its growth potential rather than just any job. By building and maintaining strong communication lines with these individuals, you at almost immediate (and first option) to these candidates because they will want to work for you.
  5. Free brand awareness (consistently). Always having a potential position available, means you are consistently making candidates aware of your brand and what it offers. Candidates talk, again free brand awareness.

Another, and possibly the most cost effective, way to continuous recruit for quality candidates is to utilize your recruitment partner. Like us (B-Sure Talent Solutions), we are consistently looking out for quality candidates for our clients.

So, never stop recruiting. Your best employee could potentially be walking in your door and you wouldn’t even know it.

Shona Morgan
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