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Each line Manager or direct Superior has their own way of motivating and managing their teams so we decided to find out what our Management teams’ top management tips would be and how they keep their department happy, motivated and hungry for money!

We interviewed 3 members of our management team asked them these 4 questions:

  1. How many team members do you have in your team?
  2. What are your 5 top management styles/tips that help motivate your team?
  3. How do you maintain a positive workforce?
  4. What advice would you give to upcoming Managers within the B-Sure Group?

Here’s what they had to say:

Tishen Pillay
Claims Manager
B-Sure Group
  • How many team members do you have in your team?

I have 3 departments that I am in charge of – Claims, QA and Reception – altogether that is 44 team members (4 of which are in training).

  • What are your 5 top management styles/tips that help motivate your team?
  1. Having proper processes in place that the staff understand and believe in.
  2. One-on-one engagement with staff, even now with a bigger team, I try to have constant one-on-ones with the members.
  3. Taking an interest in the growth of employees and believing in my staff.
  4. Assisting the Consultants with queries, (lead by example) by showing the Consultants you are interested and can do what they do, they buy in to you and your process faster.
  5. Find out who the Consultant is and try to build on their character.
  • How do you maintain a positive workforce?

I do this by enforcing the above points. Also, my constant engagement with staff and how we can grow, not only at work but it their personal life, helps them stay positive and do what needs to be done. I show the staff respect, in turn they respect me, and this keeps the workforce in a positive mood for the most part 😊

  • What advice would you give to upcoming Managers within the B-Sure Group?

Invest the time in your staff,  show them that you believe in them and their potential. Time management, make sure important tasks are done first. Do not be a ‘yes’ man, voice your opinion, provided you have a valid point and solution to the situation. Take responsibility. Most important have a passion for what you do.

Celeste Sutherland
Executive Manager: Properties
B-Sure Properties
  • How many team members do you have in your team?

I have 26 Sales Agents.

  • What are your 5 top management styles/tips that help motivate your team?
  1. I do believe that the wrong management style demotivates employees, kills productivity, and trains employees to disengage or leave, hurting the entire organization. Therefore, I tend to think that I have a combination of a Visionary management style, Servant Leadership management style and a little bit of a Democratic management style.
  2. As a Manager you need to know what the vision of the company is in order to lead your team towards the end goal. By leading them towards this goal, you need to inspire them, and you would need to be very strategic in terms of your approach and execution of the plan in order to get their buy in. Your personality needs to be charismatic and you also need to show some form of authority without being egotistical.
  3. You would also need to possess a high level of emotional intelligence, the willingness to take risk whilst managing with change and a high level of conflict resolution.
  4. I strongly believe that you need to empathize with your team because as a leader you ultimately have to coach, train and mentor your team and if they feel that you do not have compassion for situations that they are going through then they won’t see you as a leader that cares for them. By having an empathetic approach, you will be serving your staff from an adviser or a coach perspective rather than being seen as a dictator or a rule enforcer. To approach this style of management, you would need to hold a high level of experience in your field, you would need strong interpersonal skills and most importantly in order for your team to trust you, you would need to show them that you are ethical and trustworthy.
  5. I am very democratic when it comes to team meetings, by having this approach I take time in listening to my team, getting everyone’s participation with regards to ideas and suggestions and whilst doing so I gauge their body language to assist me in making the final decision based on what is better for the team. Whilst my team is busy collaborating it at the same time creates a culture of working as a team, communicating with everyone and it allows for the entire team to get to know each other better and in turn they do not realize that they are starting to trust one another due to them communicating and sharing ideas. At the same time, the team feels valued and heard, and it also allows for them to find resolutions to their problems.
  • How do you maintain a positive workforce?

I lead from the front; you will never see me in a bad mood or being negative. I have a high level of emotional intelligence, so for personal positivity, if I do see an employee being negative or down I would call them to my office, consult with them, empathize with either the situation if it is personal and rather ask them to go home and come back the next day.

If it is an internal problem with another employee, I would listen to their problem and have a meeting with the other employee to get the situation resolved as soon as possible but if it is a process problem, I would reiterate company rules.

Based on the positivity of the entire team, I try to enforce a team culture whereby one person’s negativity would impact the entire team. With that said it is not always easy to keep the entire team positive, but my overall approach is that my staff know that their actions directly affects the team as well as my vision for the team. So dependent on the number of staff I have I would put them into smaller teams based on different personalities, lifestyle and their personal goals, that way they unknowingly keep each other positive and accountable. So if one person is down and they really do not open up to me then the other member would step in and give me feedback, from what the situation is I can then approach or leave it if it is not something for the worry about.

  • What advice would you give to upcoming Managers within the B-Sure Group?

For me it is to create an environment of care but still giving stringent guidelines in terms of targets. But at the same time giving them the support and guidance where needed. I meet with my staff regularly and I have certain systems in place to track their shortcoming and from there I mentor them in achieving their goals. But more importantly listen to your staff, be honest with them from the get go and embrace the B-Sure Culture 😊

Fabian Frank
Sales Manager
B-Sure Africa Insurance Brokers
  • How many team members do you have in your team?

My journey as a Sales manager at B-Sure Africa hasn’t been the easiest of transitions. I run three (3) departments at B-Sure (Schemes, Dealer Marketing and Business Development Reps) and that posed many challenges but what I believe has held me in good stead since being appointed into the role was making sure my “yes” or “no” responses stay exactly that.

  • What are your 5 top management styles/tips that help motivate your team?

Consistency is a strong key of management and well making sure you lead from the front.

I have always had the “first one in the office and last one to leave” mindset and it is important for staff to see that you are driving from the front. You need to bleed the brand, the various departments and the culture at all times. As the age old saying goes… lead by example.

When it comes to my top 5 management styles:

  • How do you maintain a positive workforce?

This always stems to a positive culture within my respective teams. Most people spend 8-9hrs at work a day, a extra 2hrs travelling to and from work, and a further hour discussing their day with their partner. That’s 50% of their daily life that revolves around work and I haven’t even factored in the hour extra that they wake to get ready for work or the thoughts about work before they get in bed in the evening. Now making sure that these people feel valued is what reinforces positivity with them which in essence exudes into their respective departments and that improves productivity which ultimately increases output.

  • What advice would you give to upcoming Managers within the B-Sure Group?

If I had to give any advice to a new Manager or an up and coming Manager, it would be rather simple… TEACH TEACH TEACH. Any managerial title is all about teaching others. Teach people how they can grow, teach people how to perform at the highest level, teach people how to live better lives, teach people how to set goals and go after them, teach people how to improve daily, teach people how to execute efficiencies, teach teach teach….

I firmly believe that as you advance in your career it’s imperative to help those lower than you in hierarchy to advance in their careers which is why in my teams, I have the “earn something, help someone” concept and that also contributes to the culture of the team that increases value. 😊

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