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This may or may not be new to you as a job seeker, but I’ve come across this a lot and it will prevent you from missing out on a really awesome opportunity, all because you didn’t “apply with intent”.

What do I mean by “apply with intent”? Well, to apply for a position with intention is to know why you are applying for the position without “needing a job”. This would be a career advancement more rather than a desperate cry for help. When you apply for a specific position, you usually send your application with some form of motivation as to why the company should employ you. Unfortunately, this is no longer the case and I think this is why so many great applicants miss out on such good opportunities.

As Recruiter, we are “people-people”, we love interacting with applicants on a daily basis, we love to help those who need help and we love learning about people beyond what we see on paper, but (and this is a huge but), when job seekers apply for a position, they are missing the whole notion of “introducing themselves or just a simple hello”, When a job seeker only sends an email with their CV attached and without an email body, it already gives us the impression that you don’t know how to introduce yourself. Big no-no!

To help those who may need some guidance this coming year, I have created a short and sweet guide on How To Send An Email When Applying For A Position.

Position and reference codes

  • Every position that is advertised will have a title or reference code. Once you have found the position you wish to apply for, ensure you reference the title exactly as it is or make use of the reference code given. Ensure that you use this as your Subject line in your email.
  • Ensure that there are no spelling errors.
  • Try refrain from using ALL CAPS.

Email address vs. Career portals

  • Most positions advertised will have an email address you can send you application to or a link to a careers portal.
  • Ensure that you follow the instructions.

Some ‘inside’ detail

When preparing your email, ensure that you have attached your most recent CV along with the following information contained in your email body:

  • If a contact person is given on the advert, address the email to that person. An email address can also tell you who you are emailing, for example:
  • When applying for a specific position, a Recruiter will be impressed to know that you read the job requirements and mentioned how you match them and how the company can benefit from your skills.
  • Also include things like your notice period, availability, salary expectation, where you live and how far you are willing to travel, a little background information on you and other positions you are interested in, should your application be deemed unsuccessful.
  • Always ensure that your contact details (number and email) are up to date.

Leave a lasting impression

  • Not all Recruiters will discard your application, they’ll keep it on file for when another potential position becomes available, so leave behind a lasting impression.
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