When you’re faced with a counter offer from your current employer, you should ask yourself why you wanted to leave in the first place.

There are multiple reasons why an employee would want to leave, things like (but not limited too):

  • Financial motivation
  • Toxic work-environment
  • False promotion promises
  • Time for change and a new challenging job

All of the above reasons are fine and it’s only nature for you to feel the way you do. However, the hard truth is most people are driven by a financial incentive and when that incentive no longer meets their expectation, they leave in search of something better. Sometimes, a counteroffer can be that something better and sometimes, it won’t.

There are a few factors to consider when faced with a counter offer and this article highlights factors that you may not have thought of. It also helps outline a few points that should be taken into consideration before accepting a counter offer, by Davron.

The article outlines a few reasons why a company will proceed with a counteroffer and the results of accepting a counteroffer.

Not all counter offers are bad. Some counter offers result in changing work-environment issues, honoring additional benefits that were previously requested, admitting that employee value had gone unnoticed and other non-financially motivated reasons. If your reason for resigning was not a financial motivation but a ‘cry for change’ and your current employer is willing to change it, then think about the following:

  1. Is what you have asked for in writing and will it be honored?
  2. Will the changes you have requested been taken seriously and is there a timeline to when the changes will be implemented?
  3. Has the company been forthcoming about specific changes that can and can not be met?
  4. Has the company improved your situation rather than made it worse?
  5. In the long run, will you be better off?

So before you make a rash decision to accept or ignore a counter offer, make sure that you have considered all the facts and can honestly say “Thank you, but no thank you.

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