Inspiration is what guides us through our day, our life and our careers. Motivation is what keeps us going, it gives us a reason to fight and to become better. Hustling is what makes us successful! So, after the unbeatable win in the Rugby World Cup 2019 by our very own Bokke, we wanted to find out what inspires our B-Sure team!

Meet Brent Van Staden, Executive Assistant to the EXCO team!

Brent (that’s what we call him) started with B-Sure at the beginning of this year (2019), went through training and went live in January. The highlight of his time here has been the sense of achievement he felt for the Dealer Calls pack he built. This information is encompassing of almost all aspects of how to go about obtaining business from dealerships.

The promotion to Dealer Calls Team Captain was awesome since he had only been with the company for around 4 months at the time. He has recently moved to an Executive Assistant role in which he make notes and take down minutes for meetings/conferences, as well as any other requests by the company’s directors.

Before joining B-Sure, Brent wanted (and still sort of wants) to be a professional Dota 2 player. For those of you that don’t know what that is, basically it’s a competitive video game like the ones you tell your kids to get off of when they’re up past their bedtime, or that tell you that they “can’t pause an online game!” However, since being with B-Sure he has been inspired by learning about some things that he didn’t know he had in him; like presenting to people, building polished PowerPoint presentations, building relatively complex Excel sheets with a whole bunch of formulas, giving training and so on. All of these things have given him some professional confidence that he thought he never had.

So, what gets Brent up in the morning? Not starving to death (jokes!). He’s excited to learn some more things and see what else he is capable of. He is looking forward to challenges, as opposed to feeling negative when faced with them, because he now sees these challenges as opportunities to learn more about the industry he finds myself in, with the goal of bettering himself as well as the company.

What is it about B-Sure that inspires Brent? The fact that there is always growth opportunity within the company, and the fact that if management believes that you might be better suited in another department or function, that they would consider giving you the opportunity to try it out; much like what happened with Brent now working closely with the board of directors.

Meet Graeme Belford, our Group Retentions Manager!

Greame has been working for B-Sure for +/- 8 years (he started as a Sales Consultant and worked his way up to Group Retentions Manager). Over the years with B-Sure, Graeme’s highlights have been; being promoted to a Group Manager and leading a very successful team, constantly working with young, dynamic and focused people.

Before joining B-Sure, Graeme has planned to become either an Athlete Manager, Match Maker, Boxing Coach or an Entrepreneur. However, since being with B-Sure, and besides being successful and not needing to worry about finances, he likes to motivate and help his team achieve their individual goals. The people he gets to work with inspires him (kudo’s to Graeme!)

What gets Graeme up in the morning? Knowing that he has people relying on him for help and guidance as well as his beautiful daughter and family. Waking up early and trying to make the new day better than yesterday whether it be in the gym, his diet, his targets or his interaction with people and problems is all the motivation he needs.

So, why B-Sure? The work ethic, passion and drive shown by our CEO. The people in our organization and the success stories of how they have changed their lives for the better, this inspires Graeme to do and be more every day!

Meet Tyrone Dallas, our Quality Assurance Auditor: Team Captain – Sales!

Tyrone started working for B-Sure Group this year (2019). He started training in January and went live in February. Throughout his time here, he highlights have been when he was in QA Dealer Calls, himself and Brent, with the guidance of the Director of Sales, Mr. Ross Belford himself, helped improve all dealer-based departments in the Group, helping change the way QA is viewed and collaborating with staff to improve sales and techniques across the board.

After about 4 months of working in the department he was moved out of the Dealer calls team and was promoted to Team Captain of the Sales Auditors. From there, another highlight would be when Tishen was appointed as Manager and him and Tyrone worked hand in hand to rebuild the entire structure and process of his sales auditing team, during this period the size of his team had increased from 7 members to 14.

Before joining B-Sure, Tyrone had aspired to become a Manager and successfully lead a department/company, thus the reason he is currently studying his Bachelor of Commerce in Management (way to go, Tyrone!).

Since being here at B-Sure, Tyrone has been inspired by the mindset of Ross Belford. His way of thinking, work ethic, and his attitude towards his career is next to none. Ross has inspired Tyrone to push for what he wants and use his intellect to take whatever he does to the next level. The second largest inspiration would be that of Tishen Pillay. He has guided Tyrone and helped him work on his weak points and has truly been a driving force in make him the best leader that he can be. Lastly and most importantly, Tyrone has been inspired by his team, simply by knowing that he can directly benefit them and their future. The better they do, the better he does and that simple fact inspires him to be the best leader he can be for them.

So, what motivates Tyrone to get up in the morning? Simply put, he has a large amount of drive. He is the master of his own fate and his efforts are what will drive his growth in life and in the group.

B-Sure inspires Tyrone because of its culture, the friendliness and the community that is created by all the people in the group and this inspires Tyrone to perform at his best and enjoy what he does everyday.

Meet Xanthe Groenewald, our Underwriting Manager!

Xanthe started at B-Sure in January 2018 so almost 2 years, and since being here she has climbed the corporate ladder! She started in Underwriting and was awarded with Top Consultant and excellence awards (kudos!), shortly before the end of the year she was promoted to Process Captain and then Underwriting Captain. In 2019, she was promoted to Underwriting Manager. She went from just being a number in a team to running 3 teams with a total of 28 employees ( and still growing).

Before joining B-Sure, Xanthe didn’t think much of future plans, she just remembers having a conversation with Stephen Williams (our CEO) and he asked everyone to introduce themselves and say what their “plan” was, Xanthe spoke so much, she strategically (by accident) never mentioned her plan. Deep down, she just wants to succeed in what she does and be great at it. She doesn’t want to fail anyone especially a team member so she always tries her utmost best to assist where and when she can. Her plan for now is to continue to climb the corporate ladder and to be part of the Best Insurance Broker in SA.

Since being here at B-Sure, what’s inspired Xanthe the most is everyone’s will to keep pushing themselves to greater limits. She sees top sales guys chasing targets that are out of this world and (actually) achieve it.

So, what gets Xanthe up in the morning? Money, money always motivates. Money does make the world go round, but nobody wants to cry on a bicycle when you can cry in a Ferrari.

What is about B-Sure that inspires her? The endless motivation, even if you feel you like can’t anymore, there is always another Manger or colleague who will motivate you to go further. B-Sure is about family and not just work, so becoming a part of the “furniture” is a life goal 😊

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