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Recruiting Millennials and Post-Millennials.

We wanted to find out more about recruiting the youth of our country so we decided to approach our Group HR Director of People and Culture, Yael Diner, to gain insight on recruiting Millennials and Post-Millennials within the B-Sure Group.

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Resigning- It’s not easy!

Preparing yourself for a resignation is something we all go through. Some resignations are easier than others and that’s understandable. However, when it comes to a resignation, be sure not to burn your bridges. “Someone knows someones who knows someone.”

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The Benefits of using a Recruitment Agency.

Yes, I know, recruitment costs are a grudge purchase and why on earth should you even consider paying a recruiter to do something you can do all on your own. Yes, you are correct but maybe there are a few things you haven't considered that would actually benefit your...

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